Full Membership 7 Day Lady/Gent £913.50 

Six Day Membership Lady / Gent £798.50Age Group 36 to 40 Lady/Gent £700.75
Age Group 31 to 35 Lady/Gent £650.75
Age Group 26-30 Lady/Gent £555.75

Age Group 22-25 Lady/Gent £495.75

Age Group 18-21 Lady/Gent £390.75

Age Group 16-18 Lady/Gent £117.75

Age Group U16 Lady/Gent £87.75

CASC* £500 (ask office for details)

Social £25

No Joining Fee for Any Category

The above fees are inclusive of golf insurance, National Golf Union & Local Golf Union fees.

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11.05.2022 05:40
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Course is open, please remember to repair pitchmarks, rake bunkers and avoid where possible walking over the G.U.R areas. THERE ARE NO PREFERRED LIES. Please be aware that hollow coring has now taken place.